Skip Beat! 149 FanFiction: “Breathe”

Oops, I did bad.  I wasn’t supposed to be writing FanFiction this morning, but I did.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep and I ended up thinking of Skip Beat (hee) and, out of the blue, I became really, really sad.  The chapter was wonderful – – I’m sure it was everything a lot of fans were hoping for – – and more.  But, with the sudden turn of events, I felt like Skip Beat! has finally reached a point where one of the main conflicts can finally head to a close.  I’m not saying that it’s there yet.  I’m not saying that it’s the end, but I am saying that it’s a beginning to an end.

So, out of the many wonderful pages in Skip Beat! chapter 149, there’s this one panel of Ren, where he looks hopelessly at an unsuspecting Kyōko.  It’s a picture that says everything about what he wants from her, what he doesn’t, and how all of his hopes and all of his fears that he has for her have already happened, and that he was the one that caused it.

I wrote a short, 900 word piece on that image.  I’ll wait a few weeks before putting it up (it shall be probably one of my favorites, as it really does say so much), and since I hate spoilers, I won’t say anymore.  Take a looksee, after you read the chapter, and drop me a line if you so desire.

Ironically, while I wasn’t supposed to be writing FanFiction, this is a great set up for one of the Skip Beat! stories that’ve bumbling about in my mind for that Skip Beat! FanFiction challenge, way back when. (Shifty eyes//Looks away) I have three really great stories that I want to write, but… Real life, real writing takes precedence.  I think my friend would butcher me if she found out that I’ve been slacking off instead of real writing, but then again, she’s also (now) a huge fan of Skip Beat!, so I don’t care!

Ah, funny thing, it’s only been a day or so since the raws popped up, but mine is not the only FanFiction piece inspired by Skip Beat! chapter 149! Glad to know, that I’m not the only crazy crazy (in a good way, of course).

And lastly, boy, I am so not looking forward to hearing/responding to all of the “Second Chance” inquiries. (Shifty eyes//Looks away!) I changed the status to on Hiatus/Indefinitely because I have a ton of really gorgeous scenes that I’ve actually already written, but the rest of the story isn’t.  I should just write a series of “Second Chance” one-shots and leave it to someone else to fill in the blanks.  Is that cheating?

  1. I stumbled here after reading your fanfic Breathe. I actually skimmed through your whole blog and am really amazed that most of your posts are about skip beat! o.O

    BTW, are you by chance, part of FH? It seems you’ve been mentioning them a lot of times. I am a lurker there (though I haven’t mustered enough time to click the register button) ^_^

    • Yah… *scratches head//embarrassed* I was getting weirded out that my personal entries were being read by people who don’t really care LOL So I deleted/privated some of the non-essentials and put it on my other blog, and somehow, this became just another Skip Beat! blog TT-TT It’s weird, isn’t it TT-TT It’s weird. It’s really weird. It’s ok! Skip Beat!’s the only part of my life that I’m fanatical about. I’m normal, everywhere else, I promise :)

      Nah, I’m not a part of the F-H group. I do lurk a lot there, and I sometimes pop in for the occasional “Thank You” fanfest. I know it’s not very much, but they do such a great job there :) And scanslating’s often a tough, thankless job. That’s how it was in my experience eons ago. Lurk lurk lurk away :) I know they don’t mind, but almost everyone’s really nice there! if you find me, I’m oOoLittle :)

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