Korean Translator Wanted – Girl Queen 8

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at anything other than Skip Beat!, to tell the truth, but one of my genuine favorite series is a Manhwa titled “Girl Queen.”  I think it was originally named “The Little Queen,” but since it’s been licensed by TokyoPop, I haven’t found it by any other name.  The other night, I read the last release “Girl Queen 7” and wondered whatever happened to my Amazon.com pre-ordered volume 8.  It was supposed to be released a year ago, and it hasn’t!  In fact, there are tons of rumors that many titles have been “dropped” due to recent cutbacks (read: our crappy economy).

According to Tangerine Dreams and Comics 212, a ton of titles, including popular Beck, Ciel, Fruits Baskets and many more titles (check out Comics 212 for a full list) are on hold, indefinitely, because talks are not going well for TokyoPop.  They’re not going well at all.

At this point, I’m starting to tear my hair out because I bought all of Little Queen (volumes 1-7) and Little Queen 8 is the last volume that I need to complete my collection.  I’m currently looking to buy some copy at Amazon.co.uk for twice the price… But even then, that won’t complete my collection.

The terrifying thing for me is that I’m really thinking about scanslating it.  If I can find a Korean translator to do the real work for me, I’ll clean, edit and typeset the whole thing.  It’s frightening how determined I am, in part because I’m so outraged that we’re here again.  This series is technically licensed, but TokyoPop put scanslators back in the same situation we were in before.  If they’re incapable of making the series that we’re interested in available to us, there’s gotta be something that we can do, licensed or not.

I support Skip Beat! scanslations despite being licensed because at the rate that they’re releasing official American releases of Skip Beat!, they’ll never catch up to the Japanese releases of Skip Beat!.  Little Queen should’ve been finished a year ago.

    • JellyCat
    • February 1st, 2010

    How true!! I started reading it a couple days ago and i am completely hooked, its all i can think about. I have searched everywhere, yet i can’t seem to find volume 8 and i can’t even read volume 7 on the internet like the rest. So im going to have to buy it. Its so annoying, how can Tokyo Pop be so SELFISH!!

    • PhyPhy
    • February 5th, 2010

    Just wanna ask, at the Uk Amazon website, the cover is different. Is it the UK Version? I was also planning on scanlating it too. I’m hunting for Korean Translators now. I wonder if we sent in emails to Tokyopop or maybe petition will work. But they shouldn’t have cancelled the series, they were at the end.

    • Honestly, I have no idea what the difference is other than the cover. I was thinking of buying it just to see (and to have a “legit” copy of volume 8 in my collection) but if I can get my hands on a Korean volume of Girl Queen 8, I’d rather do that. Unfortunately, the stores that carry Girl Queen in my area are “rent and read” stations only :(

      Oh, let me know if you get someone to translate. I can definitely help with cleaning and editing if you find me a typesetter :P Oh, how I loathe typesetting… LOL And we can definitely find someone to buy me the Korean volume :D So I can help with scanning too. Important thing first: Translator :(

        • Phy.Phy
        • February 6th, 2010

        Oh… well the bookstores around my area allows us to order but it’s gonna be pricey, I have all 7 volumes and I was thinking of getting the last volume RAW too. No offense but I don’t like the GreeN background cover version.

        Haha We can make a team! Actually, I’m asking Evil flowers Scans. Because they pick up on hiatus/cancelled manhwa’s/manga’s. I hope they’ll pick it up.

        If it’s a No, Don’t worry about the tysetting and etc, I’m an editor too! I can typeset. If we could find a translator we can take half half. Let’s hunt for a translator!

      • The green cover just doesn’t match! It doesn’t match! Wouldn’t that drive you bonkers? :D Seeing one green cover amidst a deep dark purple set of 7 volumes could be even more depressing :P I’m in! But who do you know that’s crazy enough to translate for us?

        • Phy.Phy
        • February 6th, 2010

        Yes it does. I was hesitating to buy it too when I saw it green. o~0 I’m not sure, but I’m hunting, I posted at almost every forum I’ve joined/sites. Ooopsss…I simple posted in any post and then at my signature section I placed…


        Haha…I know It sounds crazy. But we’re desperate !! Lolx… but I hope EF would pick it up. It’s just one volume and the forum owner is a manhwa lover! :p

      • LOL We’re not desperate! We’re just… selfish >.> C’MON, we’re RIGHT there at the end, Tokyopop! ONE more volume and you would’ve been done. Now THAT’S ridiculous.

  1. Awww…crap. Evil Flowers says that the plot is not interesting and so they wouldn’t wish to translate the last volume. So back to our hunting session. :(

    I’m posting a thread in mangafox now. So, I hope I’ll manage to get a translator. ;) I’ll contact you once I find a translator k.

    • I understand where they’re coming from :P It seems that there’s a very, very small English following of Girl Queen. There’s plenty of harsh critiques on the series because it’s basically a rip-off of several tombs of intensely popular Korean manhwa. The art, while gorgeous, is seriously lacking in emotion, and the story-telling ability of Yeon-Joo Kim is practically NIL. It’s only redeeming quality at this point is Sejuru ♥ Otherwise, I love the series >.>

  2. I agree bout that. But, I don’t like read something without finishing it, in case it’s not interesting. And I even bout all 7 volumes which makes it even unworthy with that collection missing the final volume. So, I’m determine to at least know the ending even if I won’t be able to purchase the last volume. But, I’ll still probably be fussing over the incomplete collection. :p Tokyopop! *fist sign*

    • LOL! We should make that our official logo if we start scanslating the end of Girl Queen. Tokyopop! *fist sign* HAHA. I love it :D

      • TOTALLY! Haha… due to the fact we were mad, fist sign! Lol…. I’ve link you at my wordpress blog! Heehee… and you’re a graphic designer too! ^__^ Awesome! *thumbs up* :P

      • LOL! I was researching and stumbled across this–http://tinyurl.com/yg49a2f–this is what I imagine our logo to look like, but manga-fied LOL! Aw, thanks for the add =) You didn’t have to do that! (As you can see, I don’t update the blog that often… LOL)

  3. So cute. We should enlarge it too! Hahah…no, I love Skip Beat too but not hard core. And you love Gakuen Alice too! Yay! Buddy! :p I linked you just in case I forget your site’s name. :) Just a reminder. It’s difficult to hunt Korean translators…

    • Jane
    • February 23rd, 2010

    I actually did buy the 8th volume from amazon.uk and it turns out to be in German, which isn’t English but it is translatable online / with my mother’s help (who took German in college).

    So you know before you go out and buy it…

    I might be able to help you out with translations if all goes well… I more or less have the first chapter down (with a few rough points).

    • Let me know how it goes :) *Crosses fingers* If it’s impossible, don’t worry about it (German, though the magnificent language that it is, can be insanely difficult!) but if it’s possible, I’m right there with you. We’ll have dozens of people chanting your praises LOL

        • Jane
        • February 23rd, 2010

        :) Google translator is wonderful. It’s going pretty well. Time consuming, but worth it (who needs to do homework, anyway?). I have the first 30 pages with maybe 3 funky lines.

        See, I bought the book with the intent of reading it. So, no matter what, I *am* translating this thing.

      • Excellent!!! 30 pages is a ton of work! I feel like I need to buy it and start scanning right now :D By the way, have I told you how EXCITED I am? :D :D I am! I’m really excited! Totally getting the warm fuzzies right now XD

  4. Hmm… does this mean, we can get started? :) Is my help is needed? Looking forward!

    • Jane
    • February 25th, 2010

    84 pages down! That’s a little under halfway! And I’m pretty sure I fixed any weird translations…! Yaaay!

    • Jane
    • March 3rd, 2010

    I have 14 very-wordy pages left, just as a heads up. :)

    • Ohmygod. WOW. WOW. Just WOW! I feel nervous now :D Ok, so you don’t have to rip up your lovely version, I’m going to see if I can get my friend to buy the Korean version and I’ll start scanning them in. Ok! We’re going to scanslate Girl Queen!

        • Jane
        • March 5th, 2010


      • JANE! My friend just ordered Little Queen 8 for me in Korean :D I’m not exactly sure when it’ll come in, but I can definitely send you an email when I get it. How’d you like the ending?

        • Jane
        • March 8th, 2010

        That’s very exciting. I definitely liked the ending. It was worth the effort. I can’t wait to see it all put together. Right now I just have index cards sticking out all over the place…

        • Jane
        • April 4th, 2010

        Has it come yet? What’s the status over there?

      • No, not yet :( I’ll poke him again to see if he’s gotten around to ordering it yet LOL (Gee, I hope so…) but I’d understand if he hasn’t. We’re only friends via the internet :P and he’s halfway across the world so it’s not like I can storm over to his house and make him order it for me. That would be fun if I could though!

    • Jane
    • April 11th, 2010

    I actually have some medium quality raw scans (medium quality in that they were obviously scanned from a book that was still intact, and so the inner edges are a bit fuzzy and everything is in 2-page spreads, but scans nonetheless)… We may still want to wait for your book so we can get better scans, but I thought I’d throw that out there. :)

    • random person
    • April 21st, 2010

    It will be nice if someone can upload a translation text file, as vol 8 raw can be found at mangahelpers.

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