Skip Beat! Chapter 150 Raws and Translation!!

Send Mo all of your cookies!  I’m totally amazed at how fast the newest chapter translation of Skip Beat came out!  Amazed and grateful!  Follow @unrelatedwaffle on Twitter ( to get the newest translation updates!  And send her/him(?) lots of love!!  Brownies and cake to the raw provider, too!

Link to Skip Beat! Chapter 150 raws:

Link to Skip Beat! Chapter 150 Translation:

Rants and spoilers after the jump :)

*Bashes head on table* OMG. I had a happy, fluffy version of “Breathe” on my hard drive, but I wasn’t really in the mood to edit it and publish it. Now, I feel like I should delete it completely.  After reading chapter 150, whatever “progress” that was made in last chapter is GONE. Completely, utterly, MEANINGLESS.

Ok, I’m sure it’ll work into the next few chapters and grow as a little seed, somewhere in Kyoko’s unrepentant heart, but HEY, NAKAMURA. ARE YOU PLANNING ON ENDING THIS ANY TIME, EVER?  Forget seeing the “end” of Skip Beat (like I did last week). This week, I’m totally overwhelmed with the feeling of “OMG. SKIP BEAT IS NEVER GOING TO END.”  And somehow, that feels pretty good.  Anyone else with me here? :)

The Kanae and Hio scene was really cute–I’m pretty shocked/flabberghasted that Nakamura actually wrote “I’m going to call you a pedophile! Pedophile!” LOL! I mean, I like their relationship, and it’s the stuff that FanFics are made of (my preference would be when Hio’s older. Much older. Cough) but now we all see that’s exactly what Nakamura’s intended us to think >.> And THEN she pulls the same thing with Hio/Kanae as Ren/Kyoko, that is: “I respect you!  You’re my senpai!  *Lights shining in Kanae’s eyes* You inspire me to act better!”  In other words, poor Hio.  He’s never going to catch a break.

    • golden_meliades
    • December 22nd, 2009

    I totally disagree. I actually feel that 150 was a very noticeable forward step. I see a lot of change there, and the last page of 150 emphasizes that, even though there’s no text. I think you must have been expecting something else…I GOT the type of development I wanted from this arc. Kyoko has now had a romantic inkling toward Ren, and certainly has become physically aware of him, and even though he took the edge off because he didn’t want development with her to come from anything so ‘complicated and filthy’, he still left the idea there…and the last page of 150 shows that and that Kyoko isn’t even displeased by it.

    It’s not a big step, but to me it’s a pretty distinct one.

    Also, Hio x Kanae makes me ill, with his age atm. I can’t support it even a tiny bit until he’s five years older, minimum. Until then it just grosses me out. So he really shouldn’t be catching any romantic breaks for a long time, imo.

    I never go to any SB sites any more, not FH, not Yahoo, definitely not FFnet, so even though I’m reading the RAWs and scanslations as soon as they hit the net, I’m not really in the loop with the *fandom* anymore. If you need to chat about SB anytime you may have to nudge me at my LJ because I totally forget now to check anything associated with it online.

    I’m not missing all the fandom tension though. Not even a bit. So all in all it’s better this way. I find it more enjoyable now that no one else’s opinion colours or leans on my own, often before I’ve even had a chance to read the trans, because I’ve found that my initial impression is almost always right and that other people’s takes on what’s going on usually just screws me up and gets me all anxious when I KNOW that in the end it’s all going to work out and that’s all that really matters, as long as the ride to the end is fun…and I still think that SB is as good now as it was at the beginning/middle/etc…it’s just that long-time fans are now showing the wear and tear of getting only 3 chaps every 2 months of a manga with torturously detailed and delicate development.

    I think 151 will start something new. Seems right…it’s the start of Volume 26 and it’s about the right time for us to see Ren’s new job or things associated. Looking forward to getting a better view of that guy’s past, for sure! It’s been a big mystery soooo long. Can’t we know yet what it was that he did that was so horrible that he can’t forgive himself, doesn’t think he deserves to be happy, and so on. WHat was that flashback when he had the bloody fist and one of the guys running away was holding a knife. I have theories of course, but I want to KNOW. I think we’re past the halfway point in SB now so the ends have to start tying up.

    I feel like 150 tugged two ends a little closer together. I LOVED that chapter, tbh. :)

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