New Skip Beat! 152 Scanslation Release

Hot damn.

Right. Now that I’m done fangirling my head off, I’m pretty darn pleased with the next development. I’m glad to see that we’re all done with Valentines and we’re ready to get serious (as serious as Lory can be) but I’m getting that Nakamura vibe again, the one where she’s beginning to pull herself in a ton of crazy directions for better or for worse–saw that coming in Tokyo Crazy Paradise; seeing it happening now.

:P The last year of developments was enough to drive me bonkers, so I’m wondering if I can hold off on reading Skip Beat until the end of the quarter so I can read five or six chapters all at once.  It’s not an entirely crazy idea.  I’ve done it with Bleach and Naruto.  It does make me a little sad to think about doing it but the benefits of waiting might be worth it.

— I do hate spoilers though. I’m the type of person that will go out of the way to avoid watching a movie preview if I can help it :P Only with movies that I’m really, really anticipating, though. We’ll see!

Operation blackout, start!

    • Flora
    • February 14th, 2010

    Wow, I’m really curious, where exactly in TCP did you feel that “Nakamura vibe”? I love every bit of TCP. I hope you really are right about SB too^^ I personally loved the developments up till now but the latest chapter was really something else!<3
    I believe with the new arc Kyoko and Ren's relationship will reach another level…*crosses fingers*

    • Wah, I totally forgot about your comment :( Sorry sorry it took me so long to reply! I actually started writing a draft a long time ago, but I never hit “publish” so it never got published X-x

      I love, love, love TCP! It’s the only reason why I followed Skip Beat since the get-go, and I still love everything about TCP. The thing that I really like about Nakamura is that she’s willing to follow other storylines because it’s important to her. I mean, I’d love it if it was all just Ren and Kyoko all the time ^^ but I’d go crazy wondering if/how Moko progresses in her relationships or acting career, or if/how Sho ever changes or if Kyoko ever really forgives him, and I’m glad Nakamura’s willing to go over those storylines. To me, though, the more she starts diving into these other characters and answering the questions posed at the beginning of the store, the clearer the ending becomes. It might’ve been more obvious to someone else earlier on, but it really clicked with me when Akira popped onto the scene and started messing around with Tsukasa’s feelings, or when Asago and Kai really start to interact with each other. It’s like, seeing a crystal clear path to an ending where all of the other players step aside and there’s nothing left but for Tsukasa and Ryuji to deal with each other personally.

      Anyway, that’s just how I saw it. All of it’s debatable :P That, and I’m also very clearly biased. Clearly :P

    • Elizabeth
    • March 6th, 2010

    Hi… I don’t know if this is the right place to wirte this but.
    I just read your story called ”catch” in fanfiction and it’s about Ranma and Akane, I loved it. You have no idea how much, and it made me smile when I was not so happy.
    I’m not used to writing reviews, so I don’t know why I doing it know but I really like your story and this page appeared in as your homepage so I hope you read it.
    I think you wrote that fanfic like a lifetime ago, and maybe she’s not your soulmate anymore but I wanted to tell you that it was really beautiful that you dedicated that story to that girl named Anne.
    Do you keep writing? I would love to read something else written by you.
    I wanted to be a graphic designer too, but circumstances didn’t let me, I know this has nothing to do with you but I think graphic designers are super cool.

    Sorry to bother you with this, maybe you don’t even remember the story anymore haha

    • No, thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment! Your note definitely gave me the warm fuzzies :) “Catch” was another one of those emo-moments that were very dear to me in high school, when I had a million wonderful friends that supported my writing and interests. Anne’s still one of my best friends–through all the thick and thin, boys or no boys, she’s been there. ^^ “Catch” still kind of embarrasses me because I wrote that when I was so young. I still write every now and then, but most of it is current private because I’d like to seriously get better at writing. As for graphic design, it’s hard but there’s so much information on the Internet; you can learn a lot of stuff on your own if you’re just willing to put in the time and effort. I still struggle a lot with designing and creativity, but it’s so rewarding to work through it and see the final product. Whatever your dreams are, and whatever direction your life goes in, I hope for all of the best and to live with all your heart :)

  1. i’m addicted to this in whew!

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