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Korean Translator Wanted – Girl Queen 8

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at anything other than Skip Beat!, to tell the truth, but one of my genuine favorite series is a Manhwa titled “Girl Queen.”  I think it was originally named “The Little Queen,” but since it’s been licensed by TokyoPop, I haven’t found it by any other name.  The other night, I read the last release “Girl Queen 7” and wondered whatever happened to my pre-ordered volume 8.  It was supposed to be released a year ago, and it hasn’t!  In fact, there are tons of rumors that many titles have been “dropped” due to recent cutbacks (read: our crappy economy).

According to Tangerine Dreams and Comics 212, a ton of titles, including popular Beck, Ciel, Fruits Baskets and many more titles (check out Comics 212 for a full list) are on hold, indefinitely, because talks are not going well for TokyoPop.  They’re not going well at all.

At this point, I’m starting to tear my hair out because I bought all of Little Queen (volumes 1-7) and Little Queen 8 is the last volume that I need to complete my collection.  I’m currently looking to buy some copy at for twice the price… But even then, that won’t complete my collection.

The terrifying thing for me is that I’m really thinking about scanslating it.  If I can find a Korean translator to do the real work for me, I’ll clean, edit and typeset the whole thing.  It’s frightening how determined I am, in part because I’m so outraged that we’re here again.  This series is technically licensed, but TokyoPop put scanslators back in the same situation we were in before.  If they’re incapable of making the series that we’re interested in available to us, there’s gotta be something that we can do, licensed or not.

I support Skip Beat! scanslations despite being licensed because at the rate that they’re releasing official American releases of Skip Beat!, they’ll never catch up to the Japanese releases of Skip Beat!.  Little Queen should’ve been finished a year ago.