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Skip Beat! 149 FanFiction: “Breathe”

Oops, I did bad.  I wasn’t supposed to be writing FanFiction this morning, but I did.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep and I ended up thinking of Skip Beat (hee) and, out of the blue, I became really, really sad.  The chapter was wonderful – – I’m sure it was everything a lot of fans were hoping for – – and more.  But, with the sudden turn of events, I felt like Skip Beat! has finally reached a point where one of the main conflicts can finally head to a close.  I’m not saying that it’s there yet.  I’m not saying that it’s the end, but I am saying that it’s a beginning to an end.

So, out of the many wonderful pages in Skip Beat! chapter 149, there’s this one panel of Ren, where he looks hopelessly at an unsuspecting Kyōko.  It’s a picture that says everything about what he wants from her, what he doesn’t, and how all of his hopes and all of his fears that he has for her have already happened, and that he was the one that caused it.

I wrote a short, 900 word piece on that image.  I’ll wait a few weeks before putting it up (it shall be probably one of my favorites, as it really does say so much), and since I hate spoilers, I won’t say anymore.  Take a looksee, after you read the chapter, and drop me a line if you so desire.

Ironically, while I wasn’t supposed to be writing FanFiction, this is a great set up for one of the Skip Beat! stories that’ve bumbling about in my mind for that Skip Beat! FanFiction challenge, way back when. (Shifty eyes//Looks away) I have three really great stories that I want to write, but… Real life, real writing takes precedence.  I think my friend would butcher me if she found out that I’ve been slacking off instead of real writing, but then again, she’s also (now) a huge fan of Skip Beat!, so I don’t care!

Ah, funny thing, it’s only been a day or so since the raws popped up, but mine is not the only FanFiction piece inspired by Skip Beat! chapter 149! Glad to know, that I’m not the only crazy crazy (in a good way, of course).

And lastly, boy, I am so not looking forward to hearing/responding to all of the “Second Chance” inquiries. (Shifty eyes//Looks away!) I changed the status to on Hiatus/Indefinitely because I have a ton of really gorgeous scenes that I’ve actually already written, but the rest of the story isn’t.  I should just write a series of “Second Chance” one-shots and leave it to someone else to fill in the blanks.  Is that cheating?


Acy’s Skip Beat! Fanart and Comics


This entry is dedicated to my favorite Skip Beat! artist on the net!  I believe her name is Acy; her blog is located at and she regularly blogs about Skip Beat and Chinese dramas.  I have no idea what she writes about half the time (hee) but I love her artwork and her humor.  What I really need is a Chinese translator so I can finally find out what Kyoko is saying in some of these comic strips Acy’s drawn up!

You can see all of her artwork and musings of the days at her Photobucket Album, but please be aware that there are a few pictures that should be labeled NC-17.  I think they’re on pages 7-8 of the Photobucket Account, but I’m not completely sure (sweatdrop). In any case, I’ve thumbnailed and linked some of my favorites in this thread, but all of the credit goes to Acy!  If you’re interested, stop by Acy’s blog and check out all of her Skip Beat! entries.

Have a favorite Skip Beat! artist?  Share them!

The two pictures below are from Acy’s portraiture of Sho’s music video, “Prisoner.”  I’m guessing from her previous artwork, the first picture is of Kyoko and Ren. It looks gorgeous! I could totally write a FanFiction for this FanArt. I could, I totally could!



Hi-resolution pictures are available at Acy’s blog.




These “Torture Sho!” comics below are my favorite!
They’re so reminiscent of the first few volumes when Skip Beat was
just pure fun, fun, fun.

Skip Beat - Acy - Fanart 1

Skip Beat - Acy - Fanart 2

Skip Beat - Acy - Fanart 3

Skip Beat - Acy - Fanart 4

Skip Beat - Acy - Reading

Random Skip Beat! Lovin’



Skip Beat! Chapter 136 Scanslation Release

Skip Beat! 136 was released today!  Scanslation waiters, wait no more! Go read it at:

Credits, again, go to the fantastic Franky House team:

Raws: Folla
Translations: Shirayuri-hazu
Editing: songaka, Dark Sin
Typesetting: Dark Sin

Ren is hot. Kyoko’s hot. So are the Skip Beat! 136 Raws!


LYL. The first scans of 136 are out and it includes full colour scans of the bookmarks and that faboo Natsu x Ren image. Want it?  If so, you can get it here:

In which Golden Meliades updates my blog ♥ Yes, Mel.  We do worship, thee =P And no, I don’t just love this picture* because I love Natsu.  It’s because I love hot Kyoko, and hot Ren =P Don’t you?  Oh, the possibilities!

Skip Beat 136 raws are out!  Big thanks to Mel ♥ (See, see?  There’s the love!) and to Deddinty for the gorgeous cleanup!

135 Scanslation Release!

135-scansoOh ho ho ho ho!  Not even a day later, here’s the latest release.  Read it at OneManga: Skip Beat! 135

Thanks to everyone at Franky-House that worked on it!  You guys were insanely fast this time around ♥ Thanks again! ♥

Raws: Shaea
Translations: ChrisRjik
Editing: Thefolenangel, Rosa, Dark Sin
Typesetting: Fluke32, Pengin, Rosa, Dark Sin

As always, I’m sure the guys wouldn’t mind getting some more help for faster releases.  So if you have any talents–or just the desire to learn!–head over to Franky-House forums and help out!

Skip Beat! Episode 11


If you’ve been checking my blog in the last two days, I’m really sorry about the crazy layout changes  >.>  I just wanted to switch to something that was more… How do I put this delicately?  Parallel with my mind.  Apparently, I’m in a crazy godzilla-like state.  Nice.

I missed out on a lot of stuff over vacation: Skip Beat! Volume 16 was released early and I didn’t pre-order because I had an in-store coupon that I wanted to use =( I still haven’t bought it.  TEAR.  Also, the scanslation version of Skip Beat! chapter 133 was released by Franky-House.  They’re looking for people to help edit, typeset, and proofread, so if you want to keep one of the fastest Skip Beat! scanslation teams from getting axed, check out the F-H forums ^-~

Just finished watching Skip Beat! Episode 11, and I realized: I’m really not into the Anime.  The portrayal of Anime Kyoko is a little too annoying to handle =/ She kind of freaks me out a little bit.  I know.  It’s sad because I really do adore her but I’m not going to lie to you: she’s just not as likable.  She’s still really cute and very entertaining to watch but there are a lot of scenes where I find myself cringing, just waiting for the show to be over.  I skipped-viewed through most of this episode (it’s not one of my favorite arcs) but I stopped just in time to watch the interaction between Ren and Bo.  It was the cutest part of the Anime thus far!

I have a ton of awesome screen caps from these episodes that I need to post up but I gotta go to sleep because I’m hitting up the gym again tomorrow  T.T On the bright side, I got in a great workout this morning.  Not so bright side: eighteen hours later will give me that nice, achy burn in my thighs.  WhOo!  PAIN!  Anyway, here’s a few of my favorite screens =) This is the best part about Skip Beat! having an Anime: beautiful and utterly ridiculous screen shots!





More to come =) Especially reviews on new Skip Beat! FanFics, awesome Skip Beat! FanArt, and jaw-dropping Skip Beat! Wallpapers.  Fans have been busy this winter!  Not that I mind.  On the contrary ♥ It’s all the better for me.  I might be behind on my Skip Beat! news, but that just means there’s more of a smorgasbord for me to enjoy!  Hurrah! ♥