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Skip Beat! Chapter 147 Scanslation Release in Super High Quality!

Skip_Beat_144_10partsFranky-House released their SB 147 yesterday and it looks uber fantastic.  It’s probably one of the best scanslations I’ve seen in a while.  The pages a super big this time (go scanner!  I love you shaea!) and the translations are very well done.

Read it online at or you can download your very own digital copy from the Franky-House forum download links.  Make sure to say thanks and spread the love!  They deserve a little worship and admiration for the great work *hee*


Skip Beat! Chapter 145 Scanslation Release


Click to read Skip Beat! Chapter 145, an unexpectedly early scanslation at MangaFox!

I’ve been saying this since March: reading Skip Beat! this year has made it feel like the longest Valentine’s Day ever. Not that it’s not a great arc, it’s just, “Ohmygod.  When is this ever going to be over?”   Is the wait worth it?  After reading 145, yes, I think it is :) Nakamura had to be planning something nuts (a love triangle like this is to die for!) but I think there’s still going to be a ton of crazy things to come!  The arc’s not over yet–and, I know it’s driving all of you guys crazy–we still don’t know what Kyoko got Ren!

BOO to no updates until mid-September.  That’s pretty harsh for us hardcore Skip Beat! fans :(

Moving on: I’m a pretty faithful Franky-House person, but my friend was so insistent on this chapter that I had to go ahead and spoil myself.  Quick thanks to the wonderful people who set this up:

Raws: Mechgouki
Editor: Kaoru-sama
Translator: Blue Light Translations

Keep up the great work!

Skip Beat! 138 Franky-House Scanslation Release


Spring’s here!  I love how the Manga knows it’s spring =D I just got the raws from Mel yesterday so my jaw totally dropped when I saw the SB! 138 scanslations already up on OneManga!  Oh, guys, I am so excited to see us move on.  As fun as it was to meet and play with Natsu, I am so ready for some Ren scenes!  Wish totally granted!  If you have a moment, stop by Shirayuri-hazu’s and give her some digital love!  She did such an awesome job translating and tell her that her sound effects rock!

By the way, if you haven’t seen Golden Meliades’s blog  pomme-de-miel for her Skip Beat! FanFiction, check it out pronto.  It has a few goodies up there that’s not on, so if you’re ever craving new stuff, that’s the place to go =)

Is anyone interested in the Taiwanese Skip Beat drama?  Or the drama about that drama?  Good grief, they really can’t make up their minds about it, can they?  shouhaku from the Skip Beat! LJ community posted an Asian Fanatics Forum Article on Paper Rose.  New actress and everything (o.o) I don’t know what to think.  The SB! Anime was fun and all, but I really wanted a more modern animation style instead of the great 90’s-tastic style they did it in.  For me, it was like watching the old version of Glass Mask when the new version was already out =P (I love Glass Mask new version.)  But I think enough people enjoyed it that they can peacefully hope for a second season!  There’s enough manga arcs for them to great 6 seasons of Skip Beat! LOL

Anyway, I need to start stalking the forums more for news on the Taiwanese drama.  We can hope that it’ll be good =)

Skip Beat! Chapter 136 Scanslation Release

Skip Beat! 136 was released today!  Scanslation waiters, wait no more! Go read it at:

Credits, again, go to the fantastic Franky House team:

Raws: Folla
Translations: Shirayuri-hazu
Editing: songaka, Dark Sin
Typesetting: Dark Sin

135 Scanslation Release!

135-scansoOh ho ho ho ho!  Not even a day later, here’s the latest release.  Read it at OneManga: Skip Beat! 135

Thanks to everyone at Franky-House that worked on it!  You guys were insanely fast this time around ♥ Thanks again! ♥

Raws: Shaea
Translations: ChrisRjik
Editing: Thefolenangel, Rosa, Dark Sin
Typesetting: Fluke32, Pengin, Rosa, Dark Sin

As always, I’m sure the guys wouldn’t mind getting some more help for faster releases.  So if you have any talents–or just the desire to learn!–head over to Franky-House forums and help out!

135 Raw + Translation Release

Thanks to Golden Melaides ^-~ for always being on top of things!  For us scanslations fans, it’ll only be a matter of time before Franky-House does a Skip Beat! 135 release.  In the meanwhile, you can grab the raws and the translation from the Skip Beat! Yahoo! Group.  Be warned, though!  Kyoko’s acting has definitely improved, but the result is downright spine-chilling.  In fluffier news, did anyone catch this super steamy Skip Beat! picture on the last page?  Yowza, right?!  Can someone grab me a high-quality scan of this?  I smell a teaser FanFic in the works…^-^