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The Cover Challenge

The Skip Beat! Cover Challenge

1. The picture chosen must be from an official cover.
2. The FanFic must include how the picture was taken.

The “how the picture was taken” is up to you: photo shoot, snap shot, paparazzi–Ren seducing Kyoko is always a favorite. (Hint, hint.) Length does not matter. If the challenge actually get entries, I’ll definitely post them here! And, I’ll probably get some high quality scans up in a couple of days, but here are some Hana to Yume covers (not all of them are actually covers, I think), and official Shoujo Beat covers below. Have fun!




Nakamura’s tagline contest

After eons of indecision, I’ve decided that I will host a Skip Beat! FanFic challenge.  This is open to anyone that loves Skip Beat! and FanFiction, but if you don’t like either, I don’t know why you’re here :P

You’ve read the Manga.  You’ve seen the covers.  Most of the time, the covers have nothing to do with the storyline.  In fact, sometimes, those lovely, adorable pictures come out of nowhere and you’re left thinking, “Why isn’t this in the storyline?”  Or a side story?  Or, something to give readers a bone!  C’mon, Nakamura!

So, I thought, I want to do a FanFiction Cover Challenge!  A challenge based off of Skip Beat covers!  It’s not very original, but it does sound like fun, doesn’t it?  Beach scene anyone?  Or, how about that delicious Volume 16 cover?  Too bad.  Nakamura beat me to it first.

Nakamura’s tagline contest

Sometime around the original publish date of the chapters in volume 16, Nakamura held a tagline contest for the picture of Ren and Kyoko in the cover picture below.  You can read the pages below:

Meh, meh.  But I’d still love to see certain covers made into FanFics.  SO, instead of a tagline, you, dear writer, are challenged to choose a cover and write a Skip Beat! FanFic.  In order to qualify for this challenge, you must fulfill two requirements… Jump to the contest!

Skip Beat! FanFic Challenges; I Want One

Ok, I’ve always been a huge fan of FanFic Challenges.  The first FanFic Challenge that I encountered, and my official all-time favorite challenge, is the “Blanket Fic” Challenge.  Rymsie, who got me hooked on the Kagome & Sesshoumaru pairing, wrote an amazing Inu-Yasha FanFic (boo, I can’t find it!), and I had no idea it was for the Blanket Fic Challenge until chapter five!  So, hooked I was, and I’ve been looking for more Challenges ever since.

I’m really tempted to start a real Skip Beat! FanFic Challenge.  Or at least, write one.  Would anyone answer the challenge?  Heh, I hope so!

One of the more interesting concepts that I’ve seen recently was demonstrated in namistai8’s Hounds of Love: 50 sentences.  I read most of it, not all of it.  I don’t feel too guilty because they’re one-sentence snapshots of Kyoko and Shou’s relationship ^-^ BUT!  From what I have read, they’re great snapshots.  The truth is, I haven’t really had the time to sit down and enjoy reading lately, but you can pretty much get the idea from a single glance: there are fifty word prompts; use them.

Some of them are so out there–“luminous,” followed by “spoon,” and “past”–that I’m like… *Cocks head* “Really?” but I really feel challenged to write a 50-sentence Skip Beat! piece with all of these words.  How well can I really write it?  It’s gotta be something funny, right?  Spoon?  Serenity?  Buffer?  Who came up with this stuff?! … 1fandom apparently. =P I should check out the rest of their stuff!