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Skip Beat! 149 FanFiction: “Breathe”

Oops, I did bad.  I wasn’t supposed to be writing FanFiction this morning, but I did.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep and I ended up thinking of Skip Beat (hee) and, out of the blue, I became really, really sad.  The chapter was wonderful – – I’m sure it was everything a lot of fans were hoping for – – and more.  But, with the sudden turn of events, I felt like Skip Beat! has finally reached a point where one of the main conflicts can finally head to a close.  I’m not saying that it’s there yet.  I’m not saying that it’s the end, but I am saying that it’s a beginning to an end.

So, out of the many wonderful pages in Skip Beat! chapter 149, there’s this one panel of Ren, where he looks hopelessly at an unsuspecting Kyōko.  It’s a picture that says everything about what he wants from her, what he doesn’t, and how all of his hopes and all of his fears that he has for her have already happened, and that he was the one that caused it.

I wrote a short, 900 word piece on that image.  I’ll wait a few weeks before putting it up (it shall be probably one of my favorites, as it really does say so much), and since I hate spoilers, I won’t say anymore.  Take a looksee, after you read the chapter, and drop me a line if you so desire.

Ironically, while I wasn’t supposed to be writing FanFiction, this is a great set up for one of the Skip Beat! stories that’ve bumbling about in my mind for that Skip Beat! FanFiction challenge, way back when. (Shifty eyes//Looks away) I have three really great stories that I want to write, but… Real life, real writing takes precedence.  I think my friend would butcher me if she found out that I’ve been slacking off instead of real writing, but then again, she’s also (now) a huge fan of Skip Beat!, so I don’t care!

Ah, funny thing, it’s only been a day or so since the raws popped up, but mine is not the only FanFiction piece inspired by Skip Beat! chapter 149! Glad to know, that I’m not the only crazy crazy (in a good way, of course).

And lastly, boy, I am so not looking forward to hearing/responding to all of the “Second Chance” inquiries. (Shifty eyes//Looks away!) I changed the status to on Hiatus/Indefinitely because I have a ton of really gorgeous scenes that I’ve actually already written, but the rest of the story isn’t.  I should just write a series of “Second Chance” one-shots and leave it to someone else to fill in the blanks.  Is that cheating?


Labors of Love

Stalking the Franky-House fanfiction forums brings a smile to my face.  Sure,  you get recommendations, good friends, good laughs, but you also get a lot of encouragement and the pure sense of wanting to do well, to write well–to succeed.

But my guiltiest of guilty pleasures occurs at the flogging of another fanfic.  I don’t mean flames or cruel comments.  I mean “Silly author” moments.  Like, in “Unexpected Happy Happy Dippy Do Day! XOXOXXX,” written by BlueMoonSSR.

One of the things that I detest as a writer is a “hot off the press” fanfiction.  Let’s face it.  Fanfiction has a pretty bad rep as it is, and the perfect fanfiction is more precious… than… hot pink gold.  Well, not really, but I know you know what I mean.  “Hot off the press” fanfics haven’t been reviewed, they haven’t been beta’d–heck–sometimes, they haven’t even been thought out entirely, so chances of a plot are entirely up to fate.

The logical reason why anyone would want to post like this is because most of us are eager to share.  There’s a whole world filled with people who love the same fandom you do, so posting a fanfic to share your common interests and obsessions, to connect with someone else who gets excited just as much as you do, is entirely logical to me.  Unfortunately, for a quality snob such as I, hot-off-the-press, spelling and grammar-error-riddled  fanfics just isn’t something I want to connect over.

So, when I came across a thread entry where this author bitch-slapped her reader for an honest albeit cruel review, I laughed.  I laughed really hard.  It was much easier to agree with the critic than the author, especially since the author wrote an “in-chapter-dedication” flaming the original reviewer.

Spelling’s made a little easier these days with a built-in spell checker, so “I don’t know how to spell” isn’t going to hack it with me.  Grammar?  Most fanfic writers have it, but a good number of them don’t, and yet grammar errors can be avoided with some help.  With, there’s an abundance of Beta-Readers demanding more fanfictions.  You just gotta reach out and ask for some help.  But this writer, claimed that she wasn’t smart enough, that English wasn’t her native language, etc., etc.

I laughed…

Until I read the reviews.  Out of the 113 reviews, 7 out of the 8 pages are riddled with heckling comments on her grammar.  Lyriko, the reviewer who was singled out by the author, was the 7th reviewer.  So, a good 90% of these reviews are sharp, one-liner comments about BlueMoonSSR’s grammar.  It was probably written or posted by the same person, or the same group of people who banded together with similar heckling goals.

What happened to be a good laugh at first, turned into a dreadful, nauseating experience.  Before I knew it, I was in the writer’s shoes, imagining what it would be like to receive 100 emails along these lines.  It might be funny the first three times, but it gets irritating after seeing it more than a few times.  Irritating, upsetting, maddening.  Justifiably made angry.  And then… sad.  Just… sad.  Depressing.

“Please consult and use your dictionary more frequently. I think it’s lonely.”  “I can’t tell if you are a genius in your use of misplaced words, or just really bad in figuring out how to write in english.”  “This is so wrong. Just so wrong. You really need a beta.”  “I am going say something worth repeating. Your grammar sucks.”

Something worth repeating, yes.  But not like this.

Did the author deserve a few take-me-down comments?  Maybe.  Maybe.  But 100?  Isn’t this the kind of bullying that parents hope their children would never have to go through in real life?  The kind of bully that parents fear for their children, and pray that they wouldn’t commit social or physical suicide over?

That’s what it feels like to me.

I can’t imagine this author wanting to write any more stories because of this.  If I hadn’t dug a little deeper, I might’ve been glad that there’s one less “stupid fanfic writer” on the internet.  But I’m not.  I’d rather see ten harsh, but honest, well-written critiques on this person’s fanfiction review page than 100 bad ones that amount to no help whatsoever.   I don’t have anything against Lyriko’s original review because it was honest and self-reflective.  I might’ve just laughed at it and ignored it if it was written about one of my FanFics, to tell you the truth.  But it’s the other 100 reviews/reviewers that piss me off.

People need encouragement.  All of us.  When we’re good, when we’re bad, when we’re down, when we’re up.  We all need encouragement.  There’s something so wrong about seeing a 100+ comments that are so unhelpful, cruel, and downright petty.

Also, there’s something that needs to be said about fanfiction and grammar.  When I was in high school, I was a straight-A student and grammar was boring.  I could draw diagrams upside-down and write essays in my sleep.  The summer before my senior year, our sister school had decided to close its doors permanently, so those students were integrated into our private school.  What I had never realized before that year was that our privileged, private school education was truly and honestly much better than theirs.  It shocked me that these new students had a very mediocre understanding of grammar.  Grammar was hard to grasp, despite how much effort that they put into it.  It wasn’t a matter of private-school versus public-school education.  We were both all from private schools!  But some of these kids just couldn’t do it as quickly or as easily.

It does matter where and when you get your education.  Grammar is just like everything else.  Some people get it easier than others.  Some people have to work for it.  Does it make you smarter, stupider, stronger, or weaker?  I don’t know.  But perhaps for this person, it’s like me and art.  It comes slowly, gradually, and sometimes, I don’t always get it, but when I do and when I do make it, it’s rewarding and I want to share it with others.

For this particular case, native languages and secondary-languages learners are amazing.  I’ve taken three-plus years of Japanese and it’s still difficult for me to even want to write or read in Japanese to someone else.  But I like doing it, and if I have someone to read or write to, I will.  But there’s always a sense of fear that I’ll be mocked for my mediocre grammar skills or for my terrible, terrible accent.  Personally, everytime I get mocked, it makes me want to speak less, and that’s a horrible feeling to have.  To have invested three-plus years in learning a difficult language and being bullied into not-wanting to use it?  It sucks.  I want to have that constant “Aja-aja fighting!” attitude, but when you keep hitting a wall over and over again, you fall down, and sometimes you need someone else to pick you up.

We all need encouragement.  All of us.  Each and every one us.

I know it’s not my business, but if I could, gently, honestly, earnestly: please, be kind to one another.  I love writing.  I love Skip Beat! and its crazy fans and fandom, and I love writing.  If I could, I’d tell everyone to help each other out.  Sure, for some of you, you can keep writing mean critiques because it’s funny, but also give encouragement and tell the author how they can get better, instead of being just plain mean.  But for the rest of you, keep bringing your wonderful, sun-shiny selves to the FanFiction pages and forums and share the love, give encouragement, and be happy!  For authors, write and write well.  You’ll get your readers and your kind critiquers if you put a little bit of effort into your writing–and trust me, readers know when effort is being made.

It might be all about Darwin-ism out in the real world, but here, in our own little corner of fandom, couldn’t we please be just a little bit nicer?

[Postscript: Now that I’m actually reading this fanfic, I’ve realized that there’s actually “no” spelling mistakes.  That is, she relies too heavily on the spell check in her word-processor, so all of the spelling is correct (minus the Japanese names, which is often spelled wrong LOL), but these “correct spellings” totally throw off her grammar.  It’s actually not as terrible as I’d thought it would be.  Ironic, isn’t it?  A copy of her chapter, with the correct grammar revisions can be seen on the review page here.  If she updates it accordingly, it still won’t be the very best fanfics out there in the interwebs, but it certainly isn’t among the worst.  That’s all.  Thanks for listening to my rant.]

The Cover Challenge

The Skip Beat! Cover Challenge

1. The picture chosen must be from an official cover.
2. The FanFic must include how the picture was taken.

The “how the picture was taken” is up to you: photo shoot, snap shot, paparazzi–Ren seducing Kyoko is always a favorite. (Hint, hint.) Length does not matter. If the challenge actually get entries, I’ll definitely post them here! And, I’ll probably get some high quality scans up in a couple of days, but here are some Hana to Yume covers (not all of them are actually covers, I think), and official Shoujo Beat covers below. Have fun!



Nakamura’s tagline contest

After eons of indecision, I’ve decided that I will host a Skip Beat! FanFic challenge.  This is open to anyone that loves Skip Beat! and FanFiction, but if you don’t like either, I don’t know why you’re here :P

You’ve read the Manga.  You’ve seen the covers.  Most of the time, the covers have nothing to do with the storyline.  In fact, sometimes, those lovely, adorable pictures come out of nowhere and you’re left thinking, “Why isn’t this in the storyline?”  Or a side story?  Or, something to give readers a bone!  C’mon, Nakamura!

So, I thought, I want to do a FanFiction Cover Challenge!  A challenge based off of Skip Beat covers!  It’s not very original, but it does sound like fun, doesn’t it?  Beach scene anyone?  Or, how about that delicious Volume 16 cover?  Too bad.  Nakamura beat me to it first.

Nakamura’s tagline contest

Sometime around the original publish date of the chapters in volume 16, Nakamura held a tagline contest for the picture of Ren and Kyoko in the cover picture below.  You can read the pages below:

Meh, meh.  But I’d still love to see certain covers made into FanFics.  SO, instead of a tagline, you, dear writer, are challenged to choose a cover and write a Skip Beat! FanFic.  In order to qualify for this challenge, you must fulfill two requirements… Jump to the contest!

Skip Beat! FanFic Challenges; I Want One

Ok, I’ve always been a huge fan of FanFic Challenges.  The first FanFic Challenge that I encountered, and my official all-time favorite challenge, is the “Blanket Fic” Challenge.  Rymsie, who got me hooked on the Kagome & Sesshoumaru pairing, wrote an amazing Inu-Yasha FanFic (boo, I can’t find it!), and I had no idea it was for the Blanket Fic Challenge until chapter five!  So, hooked I was, and I’ve been looking for more Challenges ever since.

I’m really tempted to start a real Skip Beat! FanFic Challenge.  Or at least, write one.  Would anyone answer the challenge?  Heh, I hope so!

One of the more interesting concepts that I’ve seen recently was demonstrated in namistai8’s Hounds of Love: 50 sentences.  I read most of it, not all of it.  I don’t feel too guilty because they’re one-sentence snapshots of Kyoko and Shou’s relationship ^-^ BUT!  From what I have read, they’re great snapshots.  The truth is, I haven’t really had the time to sit down and enjoy reading lately, but you can pretty much get the idea from a single glance: there are fifty word prompts; use them.

Some of them are so out there–“luminous,” followed by “spoon,” and “past”–that I’m like… *Cocks head* “Really?” but I really feel challenged to write a 50-sentence Skip Beat! piece with all of these words.  How well can I really write it?  It’s gotta be something funny, right?  Spoon?  Serenity?  Buffer?  Who came up with this stuff?! … 1fandom apparently. =P I should check out the rest of their stuff!






It is so ridiculous how little time I’ve spent updating this blog.  I mean, first, it started with my inability to connect to the Internet.  Then, I had this ridiculous notion that I, the über paranoid and slightly obsessive computer nerd, needed to do a massive backup and cleanup of my three very powerful and very large computers.  And finally, I went on vacation–to New York!

In the long run, I don’t regret spending so little time on the Internet.  I’ve been busy.  But I do feel kind of bad for you guys who’ve been actively pinging this blog in hopes of updates.  I mean, I love you guys and your obsessive tendencies, and I’m really sorry.  I just don’t know why I don’t write more interesting stuff.

Good news: I’ve been writing more than ever, with more confidence than ever!  I just had to get over that whole obsessive compulsive-like perfectionist tendencies of mine and voila! We have writing!

Bad news: I haven’t really been writing Skip Beat!  Insert nervous smile, sweat drop combo, here. I really just want to finish Second Chance, except that’ll take, like, I don’t know, three more chapters to get to the end–and hell. Shoot!  Who knows who’ll still be interested in it by the time it’s finished?!  Will I?! Heck, I’m starting to lose hope!  But, but, there are so many good fluffy scenes that I want to write… How can I not finish it?

Oh, I finally got the latest volume, Skip Beat! 14 and surprisingly, I wasn’t really all that excited about it.  What I was really excited about is almost completely unrelated to Skip Beat! itself.  LOL I forgot to pre-order my copy on Amazon, so the only reason why I knew it was out was because there were new reviews on Second Chance (>.>;) But I was in New York at the time, so it was a good thing that I didn’t pre-order it!  My friend ended up taking pity on my pathetic face, and took me to the (three-story) Kinokuniya in New York, right on the edge of Bryant Park!  Project Runway fans, rejoice!  Anyway, that was an exciting excuse to visit Kino’s, even though I have one, twenty minutes from my house, back in California.  I’m spoiled, I know.

Anyway, Volume 14 is the one where Ren’s possesive side rears its ugly head, internally.  Sho’s fame and popularity is actually being threatened by a new and upcoming rock band named Vie Ghoul, and Kyoko’s furious that, not only are they deliberately copying Sho’s style, Sho’s isn’t going to do a thing about it!  It’s a new arc that pleasantly reveals Ren’s conflicting emotions over protecting Kyoko from her past and suppressing his ever growing desire to possess her.

This volume used to give me lots of warm fuzzies, but there was something “off” about this translation.  Did anyone else feel that way?  Heh, other than the official book summary on the back, of course (tip of the hat to Golden Meliades).  Maybe this just wasn’t one of my favorite volumes?  But that can’t be it.  That’s absurd, right?  I love Skip Beat!  Every moment of it!  I swear!  … Right.  But, it does make me wonder.  *Bursts out singing Maroon 5*

Moving on.

I miss being a power blogger.  This blog was originally created just for Skip Beat! and Second Chance updates, but if I keep it like that, I’m going to lose interested in the blog and the FanFiction entirely.  I’ve decided that I’m going to shut down some of my extra blogs and change the focus of this blog to both writing and personal interests.  It’s going to be more personal than ever!  If you’re here just for the Second Chance updates, make sure to visit the static pages, particularly, “About Second Chance.”

This week, I’m going to highlight and review some of my favorite Skip Beat! FanFics.  I’ve pretty much scoured the Skip Beat! FanFics on and the Skip Beat! LJ Community, so if know of any others and you have any recommendations, send them my way!

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Chapter 2 Writing Updates. Almost There.

Some good news and some bad news.  I finished more sections than I thought I would LOL So that’s good.  Bad news: I added one section to write, because that would finish the chapter off better than the scene with Kyoko and Seiji; and I started rewriting portions and notes of the “fight” from Chapter 1.  The more I worked on the Kyoko and Ren scenes for Chapter 2, the more discrepancies I found… and it was just royally screwing up with my mind.  So I eventually ended up just working on the sections without Ren and Kyoko >.> I’m a cheater, I know.  But at least the new “fight” notes really helped me figure things out for myself, and I finished one Ren & Kyoko scene!

Agh, and I cannot tell you why or how, for the life of me, the Lory and Yokiko section took so long to write.  It is unbelievably short compared to other sections, but it was just so d*mned hard to write!  I like what I’ve started to write as a rewrite for chapter one.  I don’t know if I’ll update the chapter to include it, since the writing style is completely different and it might through some people off.  I might just post it here on the Blog, so whoever wants to read what’s going on through my mind can read it as a one shot, or something.  But I’ll ask my wonderful editor first what she thinks, because I’ve given her final say over all of my stuff LOL

On a super sad note, she was working on sections 5-10 last week and she just lost all of her notes to a stupid computer virus =( I’m like, literally mourning for her.  She does a great job editing my stuff, and she’s so detailed and dedicated–OH, IT’S TOO SAD.  But, she’s still working on it!  I must buy her cookies ^-^

1 Seiji & Lory: Final Call (Status: Third Draft/Complete)
2 Kanae & Kyoko: Disappointment (Status: Second Draft/Complete)
3 Yashiro: Decisions, Decisions (Status: Third Draft/Complete)
4 Seiji & Sho: The Contract (Status: Third Draft/Complete)
5 Seiji & Kanae: That’s What She Said (Status: Third Draft/Complete)
6 Seiji & Kyoko: Writing Angst (Status: Third Draft/Complete)
7 Kyoko: Lingering Moment (Status: Third Draft/Complete)
8 Kyoko & Maria: Just Today (Status: Third Draft/Complete)
9 Ren & Yuji: Real Men (Status: Second Draft/Complete)
10 Ren & Kyoko: Flight or Fight (Status: Third Draft/Complete)
11 Kyoko & Ren: One to Ten (Status: Second Draft/Incomplete)
12 Yokiko & Lory: Overcoming (Status: Third Draft/Complete)
13 Kyoko & Ren: In Revenge (Status: Unwritten/Incomplete)
14 Kyoko & Seiji: This is Goodbye (Status: First Draft/Complete)
14 Ren & Yukihito: Tomorrow (Status: First Draft/Complete)

Extra Chapter 1 Fight
10 Kyoko & Ren: For You (Status: Fourth Draft/Incomplete)

Mm, so in doing my “research,” I ended up reading Skip Beat! Volume 15 and 16 and 17 >.> Again.  They’re some of my favorite volumes!  I really can’t wait for them to be released so I can read the official translations.  These volumes have some LQ scanslations (BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THEM, I SWEAR I’M NOT BEING UNGRATEFUL) but I love Nakamura’s twisted mind.  It’s so deliciously indulgent!  Ugh, I can’t wait.

Dear Shojo Beat: Just skip 14.  Go straight to 15.  That would be so nice.  (Just kidding.  Volume 14’s great too.)